We also proudly present a special hand-picked selection of the best spirits from all around the globe. Hand selected by professionals, these spirits are a phenomenal compliment to The Oakroom’s exceptional cuisine. From Vodka, Gin, Run, Tequila, Blended Scotch, Single Malt, Irish and American Whisk(e)y, cognac & brandy(ies) to name a few.


The goal of our general Wine Menu is to present a thoughtful and comprehensive selection of wines from around the world to best suit your tastes, and is constantly evolving with different varieties and vintages. From small wineries to world renowned labels, Please ask your server for available vintages.


Cocktails are a form of art, one of the greatest expressions of human creativity applied to the world of spirits, liquors and juices. We want to open a window on the world of cocktails to explore, learn and prepare the best cocktail recipes ever made. We have a lot of cocktails, born from the love for experimentation.