Let’s be honest for a moment. Bartenders are born, not made. They are those who stand out in the crowd. They are humble yet they possess that rare charismatic edge that separates them from everybody else in the immediate vicinity. The basics of the job can be passed down to anybody and you don’t need a degree by any stretch. The best bartenders on the planet possess the ability to read a room and anticipate the finest details in advance.

There’s no governing entity that bartenders answer to. There are no right or wrong methods that stand as universal rules that, if implemented, will succeed in all bars and restaurants. Every bar has its own unique identity and vibe which constantly evolves depending on the clientele. Becoming accustomed to one bar and understanding its inner workings takes time to master. Each bar takes on a personality all of its own. The master bartender must possess a certain level of intuition. This is the component of the job that cannot be taught.

Here are some of the general guidelines that we adhere to at The Oakroom…

1) We realize we are on stage and everybody has their eye on us. Are we friendly? Are we on point? Are we looking after you when you least expect it?  Yes to all three!

2) We do everything within our power to keep our customers happy. From when you walk into when you leave. Serving you drinks is just one part of the equation.

3) We know a joke or two and we love a good laugh. As far as we’re concerned, you’re not just paying for a drink, you’re paying for our service. Both are equally important to us.

4) We’re highly educated on what we serve. If you have a question about our drinks range, we are more than happy to answer them.

Then there’s number 5 on the list.  And this is the one that sets us apart from the rest. We live by it and our customers thank us for it. We adhere to “The Oakroom 15 Second Rule” – This means you need to have a drink within 15 seconds from the time you ask for it. If you have time to check your phone while you wait, then we’re not fast enough!

So, how do we know that this alone sets us apart from the rest? Well, “when we’re not hired-out, we are the covert-scout!” From the liquid-operator to the competitive-infiltrator, rest assured – we’ve done our homework!  Waiting endlessly for your next drink has become so acceptable in today’s culture that if we all didn’t have mobile phones to keep us occupied, we might actually say something about the wait time.

It’s worth repeating. If you have time to check your phone while you wait for your drink, then our team are not fast enough!  This is not a marketing gimmick either. This is something we truly live by each and every day because our clientele should never be waiting around. If you want to see us in action for yourself, come and visit The Oakroom.